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Upgrade your eLearning with Professional Voiceover or Talking-Head Video 


USA, UK and International content with multimedia eLearning professionals

We're here to help you upgrade your eLearning production with professional UK and US voiceover and talking head video.

Enhance your eLearning content with our professional voiceover and video services, featuring talents from both the UK and US.


Whether you need clear narrations or engaging talking head videos, our team ensures your educational materials are presented with clarity and impact. Upgrade your eLearning production with our tailored solutions, designed to elevate your content and captivate your audience effectively.

With our UK- and US-based studios, we have a range of talent who can reflect your eLearning audience for relatability.

Why choose Kurricula?

  • Extensive eLearning experience 

  • Robust and reliable Project Management and quality control for an optimal experience and product

  • Friendly, can-do, flexible team, willing to take on projects of all sizes

Film Student

Your Team

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Studio Manager - UK


His professional experience is varied - from becoming a programmer at 16 to working in direct sales, to marketing and psychology. At a young age he started a business incubation company, and through this business and in his personal capacity he has incubated over 30 companies across different industries, regions, and of different sizes. He previously co-owned and ran a large renewable energy company in which he was the Managing Director. He has also given back to society in other ways, such as through the work he did as an ambassador for a UN-affiliated organisation and writing about business and mindset development for magazines and newspapers including Forbes Africa. Over the last few years he consulted on growth strategies for business of different sizes, which has included various Fortune 500  level companies.

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Instructional Design Lead

Samar Usman

Alongside her MBA and Masters in LITE (Learning-Innovation-Technology-Entrepreneurship), Samar has extensive People and Learning experience, including the roles of Senior Specialist for Global Talent Development at S&P Global, learning content creator in the delivery for educational institutes on ecological, biodiversity and sustainability for the WWF, and lead content developer and designer across various global projects for multinational organisations. 

At Kurricula she partners with clients developing B2B, B2C or internal training offerings at a strategic and practical level, to create best-in-class eLearning and online course experiences.


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With extensive expertise spanning the eLearning and online course markets, Kurricula stands out as a valuable partner for eLearning developers, L&D teams, and training companies seeking to maximize their impact in both corporate and commercial spheres.


We've facilitated the creation of diverse courses, from initial concepts to premium-quality finishes, and have significantly expanded the course offerings of leading online academies.


Our services extend to crafting corporate training programs that foster personal and professional growth, with many clients successfully distributing their products through various channels, including commercial, B2B catalogs, independent B2B sales, and university partnerships.


Having developed over 500 courses and programs, we've reached over 1 million learners through our clients over the past 8 years.


Our mission is to empower passionate learning professionals and entrepreneurs by providing them with a suite of quality services, helping them create the high-quality training solutions and products they envision.


128 City Road, London EC1V 2NX

TEL (Int'l):     +44808 304 5126

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