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K-12 Curriculum Development, Design & MULTIMEDIA PRODUCTION Services

We're so proud to be able to contribute to the development and education of children worldwide through offering our K-12 curriculum development and design services to Edtechschools, and publishers. Whether keeping up with educational trends, designing for common core standards or developing something completely new, Kurricula is your reliable partner to develop high-quality, effective curriculum to empower the next generation. We also offer print design, video, multimedia and more, so you can approach your whole project with Kurricula as a key partner.

Computer Class

a moment with Moses:
Designing a k-12 eLearning character

Moses is the Head of Design at Kurricula. In this video, he walks through a client request for a cartoon character animation.

Let's work together to develop effective LEARNING EXPERIENCES

Gardening Lesson


Curriculum Development

In our approach to K-12 curriculum development, we assemble a dedicated team comprising instructional designers, writers, editors, and Subject Matter Experts. This collaborative effort ensures that every aspect of the curriculum is meticulously crafted to meet educational standards and the specific needs of students. Whether it's developing individual lessons or designing an entire curriculum, our tailored approach allows us to support schools, publishing companies and online academies in expanding their educational offerings efficiently and effectively.


EdTech & eLearning

We're able to design full eLearning solutions, advise on and implement EdTech solutions, or any combination - please get in touch for consultation to discuss further. When developing eLearning, our approach emphasizes accessibility, collaboration, and personalized learning experiences where possible, ensuring that educators and students alike benefit from our innovative solutions. We are passionate about how technology can enhance both the delivery and the tracking and administration of education, and would be glad to be your reliable partner in taking this next step.


Multimedia Production

We provide comprehensive multimedia production services for e-learning. With our in-house studio, team of editors, animators, graphic designers, and other experts, we ensure seamless production from concept to completion. We closely collaborate with clients to understand their objectives and audience, so we can create engaging and visually appealing content. Whether it's video production, animation, graphic design, or interactive elements, we leverage our expertise and resources to deliver high-quality multimedia content that enhances learning experiences.

YOUR RELIABLE PARTNER to empower teachers & Learners

As a key partner to publishers, Edtech developers and schools, we take pride in our ability to craft unique, plagiarism-free curricula tailored to the needs of students. Our team of skilled curriculum developers, instructional designers, and project managers collaborate closely to ensure the creation of fresh, relevant, and on-point curricula that align with market needs and educational standards. 


We collaborate closely with publishers to develop K-12 curricula that meet the highest standards of quality and relevance. Our approach involves meticulous planning to ensure that the sequence of education is strategically aligned with intended learning objectives. By working in partnership with publishers, we tailor our curriculum development process to address the unique requirements of educational publishing, ensuring that the content we create integrates seamlessly with their platforms and resources. Through this collaboration, we aim to deliver innovative and engaging educational materials that empower students and support educators in their teaching efforts.


We pride ourselves on our role in assisting schools with the development of tailored K-12 curricula that cater to the unique needs of their students. Our collaborative process involves working closely with educators and administrators to understand their specific objectives and requirements. With a team of skilled curriculum developers, instructional designers, and project managers, we ensure that each curriculum is meticulously crafted to align with educational standards and objectives. From structuring lesson plans to incorporating innovative teaching methodologies and resources, we strive to create engaging and effective curricula that foster student learning and growth. Our goal is to empower schools to deliver high-quality education that meets the diverse needs of their student body and prepares them for future success.

Recognizing the pivotal role of online education in today's educational landscape, we are dedicated to sourcing cutting-edge EdTech solutions that enhance the learning experience for students. We remain at the forefront of educational trends, continuously updating our knowledge and expertise to deliver exceptional e-learning solutions. Our team is well-versed in the latest tools and digital platforms, allowing us to curate innovative curricula tailored to meet the specific learning needs of each grade level. By leveraging technology effectively, we aim to create engaging and interactive learning experiences that inspire student success and academic achievement.


In addition to curriculum development, we extend our services to encompass a range of supplementary offerings for comprehensive or multimedia-based educational materials. This includes video production, graphic design, print design, and more. Through these additional services, we enhance the visual and interactive components of the curriculum, ensuring that each aspect is engaging and impactful for students. Whether it's creating captivating videos to elucidate complex concepts, designing visually appealing graphics to complement textual content, or producing high-quality print materials for offline use, our holistic approach ensures that every facet of the curriculum is optimized for effective learning experiences.


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At Kurricula, we're committed to quality throughout the learning design and production process. Our clients often register our courses and training  programs with various bodies, including: 

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K-12 lead at kurricula

Jen holds an Ed.S. in Educational Leadership & a M.Ed. in Urban Teacher Leadership from Georgia State University, and a B.S.Ed. in Elementary Education from the University of Georgia. Throughout her 13 years in the education field so far, she has served as a teacher, school leader, coach, trainer, school co-founder, and edupreneur with her teachers' professional development platform Co-CreatED. Her experience spans public and private schools, general and special education, both locally in the US and abroad, and across a spectrum of ability, SES, race & culture.

"In designing K-12 curriculum, I adhere to several key best practices to ensure optimal learning outcomes. Firstly, I meticulously define clear learning objectives and goals, serving as guiding beacons for the curriculum content, thereby enabling learners to achieve desired outcomes effectively. We keenly consider the unique characteristics and preferences of the K-12 audience, tailoring the curriculum to cater to their specific needs and the opportunities offered by the teaching environment, whether that be online, in the classroom, or through an app, for example. 


"I foster engagement and retention by integrating interactive elements like quizzes, activities, and discussions, generating active participation and reinforcing comprehension. Real-world examples and scenarios are strategically employed to facilitate practical application of acquired knowledge within relevant contexts. Lastly, I rigorously evaluate the curriculum's effectiveness, making requisite adjustments to enhance future iterations and ensure continuous improvement. 

"At Kurricula, I enjoy working with the multimedia team to enhance our clients' offerings through animation, video and more."

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