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We hELP 

Training can play a powerful role in solving business problems.

We are thrilled to play a pivotal role in the eLearning corporate landscape, fostering growth and development for countless individuals across the globe. Our mission revolves around enabling companies to harness the full potential of their people - cultivating the skills and empowering them personally and professionally.

Whether you need a full training solution across your company, or simple Instructional Design assistance, Kurricula is here to help. From executive education and leadership training, to compliance, to DE&I and ethics, to onboarding, we've got you covered.



Our approach to eLearning is not one-size-fits-all. We understand that each organization has its own set of challenges, goals, and learning objectives. That's why we take the time to collaborate closely with you to design and develop eLearning and hybrid training programs that align perfectly with your business strategies.



We believe that effective training should not just teach skills - it should also motivate and inspire employees. This is why we introduced our premium Uplifting Approach, which consists of: 

1. considering internal marketing and effective messaging, to add more positivity in the relationship between employee and employer, and

2. adding positive psychology to our training programs, to help employees thrive personally and professionally.


Our team has a wealth of diverse expertise across corporate, training companies, and the commercial eLearning industry. Corporate training often has unique needs and compliance requirements, while training companies focus on delivering effective learning solutions, and the commercial eLearning industry demands creativity and marketability.


Our ability to cross-pollinate ideas and strategies from different sectors and markets leads to creativity and innovation. 

mindset & habit change expertise

Our unusual expertise in mindset and habit change helps us stand out in the industry, because of our ability to help create real change through training. We harness behavioural science and psychology as we craft personalised learning journeys that empower your team to adopt growth-oriented mindsets and cultivate enduring, positive habits.


Our results-driven approach, focusing on practical application, continuous support, and maximum engagement, is designed so that these transformative shifts become second nature. 


We offer premium design and interactivity, with interactive video learning journeys, tailored and personalised learning journeys, full animated learning environments, and other interactive solutions. 

Our commitment to creating aesthetically pleasing and engaging learning experiences is not just about something 'looking good'. Aesthetics can influence our choices, emotional reactions, and even our self-perception, profoundly impacting our overall experience. By creating an aesthetically pleasing learning environment, we empower individuals to engage more effectively and absorb knowledge with greater ease.

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Planning for Customised Learning Solutions

Kurricula collaborates with L&D teams during the planning phase to understand specific training needs, industry requirements, and organisational goals. This crucial planning stage ensures that the learning solutions are precisely tailored to address skill gaps and align with the organisation's unique context, setting the foundation for successful upskilling initiatives. Here we also plan for enhanced internal branding, positive psychology, and behaviour change.


Development and Delivery of Engaging & Interactive Content

During the development and delivery phases, Kurricula focuses on creating interactive and engaging content that captivates learners, gives them the skills they need, and improves their general outlook. Our development process incorporates creating premium eLearning  solutions, and live training solutions, designed with the best-in-practice methodologies to enhance knowledge retention and skill acquisition.


Analysis & Evaluation for Continuous Improvement and Optimisation

Post-implementation, Kurricula supports L&D teams in the analysis phase by working with robust analytics and feedback mechanisms. We analyse learner progress, engagement, and performance with you. By gathering data-driven insights, L&D teams can evaluate the effectiveness of training programs and make informed decisions. This ongoing analysis ensures continuous improvement and optimisation of the training suite.


As a key partner to companies worldwide, we take pride in our ability to empower individuals both professionally and personally on a global scale. With our assistance, companies and L&D departments are able to implement better training solutions quickly and efficiently, focusing on not only upskilling employees, but improving their overall well-being and engagement as well.


Kurricula empowers L&D to design customized eLearning experiences tailored to their organization's unique needs and objectives. We collaborate closely with you to craft eLearning solutions and hybrid solutions that align seamlessly with industry requirements, learning goals, and the enhancement of culture.

One of the key ways we help companies is by acting as a key partner to create high-quality eLearning content. We engage in close collaboration with our clients to discern their precise needs and objectives, as well as those of their employees across various departments, or we work from existing needs analyses and briefs. We design and craft training programs and courses meticulously tailored to align seamlessly with these discerned requirements. Our team of experienced professionals includes instructional designers, multimedia specialists, content authors, and project managers who work together to ensure that the end product is of the highest quality. 

Our solutions offer unmatched flexibility and are bespoke to every client. Whether you seek entirely online training, blended hybrid options, or a mix of in-person and digital, Kurricula adapts to your unique eLearning preferences and training requirements, and creates a one-of-a-kind solution that is tailor-made to your company.

At Kurricula, we believe that employee upskilling isn't just about acquiring new skills - it's about enhancing overall job satisfaction, engagement, and well-being. We understand that a one-size-fits-all approach to training simply won't suffice. That's why we specialise in developing fully customised learning journeys that resonate with your employees on a personal level, ensuring not only skill development but also fostering a sense of accomplishment and happiness.

What sets us apart is our commitment to incorporating principles of positive psychology and behavioural science into our training programs. We recognise that employees who are engaged, motivated, and mentally well are more likely to excel in their roles.


Our training programs are meticulously crafted to boost positive emotions, enhance engagement, and cultivate a growth mindset among your workforce. We harness the power of behavioural science to create learning experiences that drive sustainable behaviour change, ensuring that the newfound skills are not only acquired but also consistently applied in the workplace.

Through customised learning journeys infused with positive psychology and behavioural science, we empower your workforce to thrive, both professionally and personally, creating a harmonious and prosperous work environment for your organisation.


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At Kurricula, we're committed to quality throughout the learning design and production process. Our clients often register our courses and training  programs with various bodies, including: 

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Alongside her MBA and Masters in LITE (Learning-Innovation-Technology-Entrepreneurship), Samar has extensive People and Learning experience, including the roles of Senior Specialist for Global Talent Development at S&P Global, learning content creator in the delivery for educational institutes on ecological, biodiversity and sustainability for the WWF, and lead content developer and designer across various global projects for multinational organisations.

"As the Instructional Design & Training Lead at Kurricula, my approach to training is a fusion of proven best practices and innovative methodologies. We start by defining precise learning objectives and goals, ensuring the training content aligns seamlessly with desired outcomes.

"What sets Kurricula apart is our dedication to understanding your audience deeply. We tailor training to the specific needs and psychological drives of your employees through comprehensive audience analysis and eLearning branching scenarios. This personalised approach drives higher engagement and knowledge retention.


"Our training is designed for active engagement, featuring interactive elements like interactive video, immersive animated environments, and more. Real-world applicability is key, with practical examples empowering learners to apply their knowledge effectively.


"We don't stop at development; we continuously evaluate and adapt our programs for ongoing improvement. At Kurricula, we craft transformative learning experiences that empower your workforce and drive your organization's success."

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