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Coach or Consultant? Unlock more potential for your business and clients with eLearning offers


FREE Q&A SESSION with eLearning & course development experts at 


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We're here to answer your questions.

You can claim one of a small number of spots for an intimate Q & A session where you can chat with Kurricula’s Instructional Design and Business experts Samar and JonT about your first or next steps in the eLearning or any questions you have.

This is a NO PITCHING, NO OBLIGATION Q&A, where we offer you the benefit of our experience in eLearning and course development in the B2B and B2C spaces, and our experience of corporate relationships.

We are looking forward to meeting you and learning about your business.

What would you like to know?


  • Ask about how to benefit from the highly lucrative eLearning B2B and B2C markets as a Consultant or Coach

  • Ask about about the process of eLearning development

  • Ask about how to work with L&D and other decision-makers

Shaking Hands

Q&A Hosted By

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Strategic Director

JonT Schoeman

His professional experience is varied - from becoming a programmer at 16 to working in direct sales, to marketing and psychology. At a young age he started a business incubation company, and through this business and in his personal capacity he has incubated over 30 companies across different industries, regions, and of different sizes. He previously co-owned and ran a large renewable energy company in which he was the Managing Director. He has also given back to society in other ways, such as through the work he did as an ambassador for a UN-affiliated organisation and writing about business and mindset development for magazines and newspapers including Forbes Africa. Over the last few years he consulted on growth strategies for business of different sizes, which has included various Fortune 500  level companies.

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Instructional Design Lead

Samar Usman

Alongside her MBA and Masters in LITE (Learning-Innovation-Technology-Entrepreneurship), Samar has extensive People and Learning experience, including the roles of Senior Specialist for Global Talent Development at S&P Global, learning content creator in the delivery for educational institutes on ecological, biodiversity and sustainability for the WWF, and lead content developer and designer across various global projects for multinational organisations. 

At Kurricula she partners with clients developing B2B, B2C or internal training offerings at a strategic and practical level, to create best-in-class eLearning and online course experiences.


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12 noon eastern

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With extensive experience across the B2B and B2C eLearning and online course markets, Kurricula is uniquely placed to be the greatest ally to consultants and professionals seeking to leverage their experience and benefit in both the corporate world and the commercial course space. 

We've helped individuals build their first courses to a premium finish, while also rapidly expanding the best-selling course catalogs of the biggest online academies in the world. We develop corporate training that empowers both personally and professionally, and many of our clients sell their products we craft with them through diverse distribution channels - commercial and B2C, through B2B catalogs, B2B independently, and through universities such as the University of California - with great success.

We're proud to say we've developed over 500 courses and programs, and have served over 1 million learners through our clients in the past 8 years.

Our commitment is to stand alongside passionate professionals and help them enhance their personal brand, so they can have a premium product suite to call their own, which increases both their income and impact


128 City Road, London EC1V 2NX

TEL (Int'l):     +44808 304 5126

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